Anodising is one of the more environmentally friendly metal finishing processes.  As a water-based process, it uses no VOC's, there are no vehicle solvents, no carrier resins and any pigmentation used in Anodising is created by extremely small amounts of dyes securely locked within the hard surface.  No halogenated hydrocarbons or similar toxic organics are used.


Similar neutralization reduce most anodising chemicals to common dissolved minerals which are environmentally valuable in removing pollutants and settling solids in domestic sewage treatment process.


We offer a Natural anodising as well as colouring in a variety of shades of Gold, a Light Bronze (peanut colour), Dark Bronze (chocolate colour) and Black.  Other colours can be arranged in profiles with a maximum length of 1,2m.


Custom Anodising T Slot Aluminium
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Justice Industrial Design was started in 1988 as the manufacturing arm of Smoothedge.  Since that time Justice has grown into doing their own metal fabrication and metal finishing.  Our beautiful building facades are designed and manufactured in house.  We also offer installation of all building facades.


Justice is a family owned and run company.

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